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A Pioneer of the modern Barber Industry

Marathon Barber Studio is one of the leading mobile barbershops. Our company is largely for house call services. We are experts in the most lavish way for a man to be pampered at your home. We are not your traditional barbershop. We bring the Barbershop to YOU, raising the bar on how you would like to be serviced.
All you have to do is call and book an appointment. Our services have become lifestyle on how men desire to pamper themselves using Shaves, Trendy Haircuts, along with the overall convenience of having a mobile barber.
We have more than 5+ years of experience in this industry. Because of this, we have a large clientele base who can vouch for our services. We offer discounted packages to our clients. You never need to fight traffic, wait in long lines, nor panic about time problems locating a barber at the last moment.
Going with a mobile barber is also a very good option during the Covid-19 pandemic. With us, you don’t have to travel anywhere and risk getting sick. Our services follow all safety guidelines of the CDC. We wear masks and disinfect all our tools before using them on our clients.


We are ready to make you a good lookin boi.


Marathon Brush Set

The Marathon Barber Brush is the perfect tool for achieving the perfect wave, and is ideal for anyone who wants a natural, textured look.

Swag Shop

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Custom Cut

Looking for something unique? We specialize in line designs and can make you stand out while in the crowd.


Travel Services

Are you a celebrity or just too busy to go out of your way for a cut? We currently offer travel barber services for USA right now.

Mens Hairstyle

Marathon Barber Studio offers a full range of services when it comes to men’s hairstyles. We offer the best hair salon consultation in Winter Haven, FL by experts who are there to provide full-proof solutions to all types of hair related problems or hair styling. Our services include hair wash along with scalp massage, using the best products and expert hands. The stylists here generally prefer to style the customers according to the fashion that suits them best, but in case of a special request by clients, that service is also offered.



I have a few temporary methods that can have you looking new for a special occasion.

Yes, past midnight prices will start at $300+

no problem, my 10 yrs of experience has allowed me to work with many different types of styles to figure out what would fit you the client.

Absolutely! Tell me what you want or send me a picture and I’ll make it happen.