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Hey there! Welcome to our Travel Barber service right here in Bartow, Florida. We’re all about making your life easier and ensuring you look sharp, without you having to step out of your comfort zone. Our team of skilled barbers will come directly to you, wherever you are, to deliver top-notch haircuts and grooming services. Got a big event coming up or just strapped for time? We’ve got you covered. It’s like having your personal barber on speed dial. So, kick back at your place, and let us bring the best grooming experience straight to you. Cheers to looking great with zero hassle!

Why Use A Travel Barber From Bartow FL?

Convenience and Time-Saving

  • Who’s Interested: Busy professionals, parents, and anyone with a tight schedule.
  • Benefits: Travel barbers save you a trip to the barber shop, fitting into your schedule at your preferred location, whether it’s at home, work, or a hotel. This convenience means you can receive quality grooming services without disrupting your daily routine.

Personalized Service in a Comfortable Setting

  • Who’s Interested: Individuals who prefer a one-on-one service or those who feel more relaxed in their own space.
  • Benefits: A travel barber provides a more personalized service, focusing solely on you during the appointment. This can lead to a better understanding of your style preferences and a more tailored grooming experience. 

Ideal for Special Occasions

  • Who’s Interested: Grooms and groomsmen, event attendees, or anyone preparing for a special occasion.
  • Benefits: For special events like weddings, proms, or professional photo shoots, a travel barber ensures you and your party look your best without the hassle of coordinating trips to a barber shop.

Privacy and Health Safety

  • Who’s Interested: Health-conscious individuals or those who prefer a more private service.
  • Benefits: In the comfort of your own space, you reduce exposure to others, which can be particularly appealing in light of health concerns. It also offers privacy for those who may feel self-conscious in public settings.

Flexibility for Groups and Families

  • Who’s Interested: Families, friends, or groups living together.
  • Benefits: A travel barber can accommodate back-to-back appointments for families or groups, making it a convenient solution for group grooming needs, saving time and coordinating efforts for everyone involved.

Exclusive and Luxury Experience

  • Who’s Interested: A-list celebrities, executives, and anyone seeking a VIP treatment.
  • Benefits: Travel barber services offer an element of exclusivity and luxury, providing high-end grooming services that cater to the client’s specific desires and needs, adding a touch of sophistication to the routine grooming experience.

Florida Travel Barber Prices

Local Travel


Our most popular local travel barber plan
Up to 10 miles. Anything further will need to be discussed.​


What is the best thing about this plan
Time Efficiency

Saves valuable time by eliminating the need to travel to a barber shop.

Privacy Assurance

Ensures a private and comfortable grooming experience in your own space.

Personalized Attention

Offers a one-on-one service tailored to your specific grooming needs.

Group Bookings

Facilitates group appointments for families or events, simplifying logistics.

Health Safety

Reduces exposure to public spaces, enhancing personal health safety.

Special Occasions

Perfect for preparing for weddings, photoshoots, or any special event.

Convenience Factor

Provides the ultimate convenience of grooming services at your doorstep.

Luxury Experience

Elevates your grooming routine with a touch of luxury and exclusivity.



Our most popular long distance fly-to-you-plan
We Fly, Stay and Dine on your Dime.


What is the best thing about this plan
Global Reach

Access top-tier barber services, no matter where you are in the world.

Privacy and Comfort

Receive services in the privacy of your home or preferred location.

Unmatched Convenience

Enjoy premium grooming services without leaving your location.

Personalized Care

Each session is customized to meet your unique style and preferences.

Exclusive Service

Tailored for those who demand the highest level of personal grooming.

Event Readiness

Ensure you're impeccably groomed for any high-profile event or occasion.


Ideal for busy individuals, saving time on travel and waiting.

Luxury Experience

Offers an unparalleled level of luxury, catering to an elite clientele.